About Us



United Logistics Solutions, LLC (ULS) is a consulting firm that was founded in 2016, by a group of logistics professionals and supply chain experts.  Our company has been built upon longstanding relationships with some of the smartest, most talented logistics professionals in the world.  Our consultants seek to understand the specific business environment of each of our customers, recognizing that there is no such thing as “one size fits all” in our industry.  We utilize our vast network of experts to deliver solutions for the most complex challenges.  The results are increased efficiencies, decreased cost and satisfied customers. 

Our History


Here at ULS, we treat you like family.

Jimmy Foster (Founder of ULS) has worked as Vice President of Business Development in the trucking industry since 2008.  Throughout his career, he realized that regardless of what company he worked for “one company” could not meet the logistic demands of all the customers he served.  He desired to be a real solution for his customers, but again realized that every customer was unique and each had various challenges that one company couldn’t solve effectively.

That’s when he saw an opportunity and launched United Logistics Solutions in 2016.  ULS has developed a strong network of trucking providers/partners and has learned what services each provider does well.  They analyze their clients need and custom fit them with the right providers.

ULS has helped several clients by being an advocate for them regarding their drayage and inland transportation needs.  Their customers have benefited from their expertise and have saved enormous amounts of time and money by deploying their services.