Our Services


Talent Acquisition:

United Logistics Solutions assists clients with defining and executing a strategic recruitment process. We believe this process leads to the selection and hiring of the most highly qualified supply chain and logistics professionals who solve our clients organizational problems and achieve their corporate objectives. Our ultimate goal is to fortify our client companies with proven executive talent that will build their companies by increasing top line or bottom line revenues and give them a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Strong networks, solid research and proven search techniques enable us to find the best supply chain and logistics professionals for your business. ULS offers unmatched, personalized customer service and follow through while maintaining the highest professional standards and ethics in contingency and retained executive search.

Ocean Service Provider Selection:

Selecting the right Ocean Service Provider is key to any successful supply chain.  Our team is comprised of some of the most successful ocean freight executives in the industry.  Their extensive experience and enormous network make it easy to navigate past any problem.  Whether it be dealing with limited space on vessels, rate hikes during peak season or getting extended free time on and off port, our group knows how to connect you to the right service providers who can help you accomplish your goals and deliver what you need.


Dray Service Provider Selection:

Another benefit of working with ULS is our ability to provide our customers with quality dray providers.  We have an extremely strong network of dray partners across the country.  Over the past 20 years, we have been forming relationships with some of the best trucking companies in the industry.  When you work with ULS, you gain immediate access to a vast pool of partner truckers and the relationships we have formed.


Domestic Trucking Provider Selection:

Domestic trucking is another vital component of the total supply chain.  Our consultants have an extensive background in domestic trucking.  Many of them have controlled some of the largest domestic programs in the country.  They have worked with both asset based and non-asset based companies, building a network of experts and forming significant relationships.  Our professionals are result driven and use the ULS network to deliver solutions for the most difficult domestic trucking issues.   


Warehouse / Transload Provider Selection:

ULS is a supply chain solutions company.  We understand that our customers have a need for warehousing and transloading from time to time.  In an effort to solve every potential problem within the supply chain we have developed a directory made up of some of the most successful warehousing and transloading operations.  Not only have we developed a directory we have developed a relationship with these industry leaders.  We utilize these relationships to deliver customized solutions for each of our clients.



ULS can offer reporting options through our network of service providers.  Our customers have immediate access to our Standard Operating Procedure templates and customized reports.  We believe that reporting is an important part of forecasting, planning and measuring results.  Our experts develop custom reports that are tailored to your business.